Human Psychology & behavior


The word Human it self a biggest Mystery
According to science A human is a living Organism And is a member of the species Homo sapiens,
Which means ‘wise man’ in Latin.
According to scientist “Carolus Linnaeus” Humans are bipedal, Which means they walk on two legs.
Humans have a very complex brain,
Which is much larger than that of other living apes.
But.. But.. But
According to us😅, I mean common peoples the human is just a Machine of feelings
Because The feeling is the thing which makes us different from animals and non-living things.

Now what is feeling?
Well, there are many definitions and description for Word Feeling
But the simplest one is the Emotion
The better word for feeling is sensation That can be any type of touch, experiences etc.
Our Basic Emotions:

Generally there are Seven types of emotions
• Anger 😠
• Fear 😰
• Disgust😫
• Happiness😆
• Sadness😔
• Surprise🤗
• Contempt😏
I think🙄 some are missing right…
For example:
• Love😍😘
• Attraction💑
• Hurt😳
• Loneliness🏃‍♀
• Jealousy😈
• Shame 🤭😳
• Guilt😓
Actually Human Psychology is very difficult to understand 🤔
But, Don’t worry 🤭 we will try to understand and try to know Why Humans are change their moods in each and every second, How we will control our emotions and our feelings .
In this Digital world Human psychology get changes ,
Many people get frustrate easily
And dont know how to overcome this frustration,
stress and loneliness and this is the reason how people get committed the suicide
We will try to understand actually what happened with those people who committed suicide
And how we help them
How we remove them from their stress, loneliness and frustration
I will try to give the scientific reasons of humans changing behavior ,feelings and mood and also give some suggestions in the form of thoughts🤔💭 and Shayries.

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