Oops , this depression in the season of corona.


During this pandemic situation how to overcome Depression?

Hey guys,

As we all know

For the past few month we have been living in this complicated situation.

In this pandemic era, we have seen lots of unfold things, seen lots of death.

There are so many reasons behind the deaths of people.

But I think the biggest is state of mind.

Yes , I am talking about Depression.


Do you feel depressed?


First of all

What do you mean by depression?



Depression is a common mental disorder or illness.

Nothing but the mood disorder which leads to persistent feeling Of sadness , loss of interest ,Loneliness and overthinking.


Interesting facts about Depression:
• More than 264 million people of different ages suffer from depression.
• Depression symptoms 3 time higher in this era.
• 50% of youth population subjected to depression.
• Women’s are more affected by depression as compare to Men’s.


Depression may become a serious health condition.
Usually it can cause the affected person to suffer greatly and function poorly at work,
At school and in the family. If depression is at worst level than it can lead to suicide.
You know close to 800000 people died due to suicide every year.
Suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15-29 years olds.


Contributing Factors of depression:
Depression results from a complex interaction of social, psychological and biological factors .

Actually there are so many reasons and factors of depression.

But in this complicated era of corona
Small small problems are leading to Depression.

1) Unemployment.
2) Loneliness
3) Overthinking
4) Frustration
5) Anger
6) Financial crises
7) Responsibilities of family
8) Any type of pressure.


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