Students Behavior before Result


Feeling before result :

Hey Guys,

As we all are aware that Today  SSC examination Result will be out.

So, All my dear friends Wish you all the best for your Result.

I know 😉 How you all are Feeling at that time.

It is really unknown feeling because it is a mixture of other feelings and emotions.

Such as

  • Excitement 🤗
  • Tension😟
  • Sadness😞
  • Depression😶
  • Fear 😱

The mixture of feelings makes as  uncomfortable😣

We start thinking and our Mind becomes a question bank .

  1. I will be pass or fail?
  2. What percentage I will get?
  3. What will parents reaction 🧐on my result?
  4. What Relatives and Friends think If I got less percentage?

And the funny thing which I feel that All students become religious at tha Day of Result.

Those who never recite Namaaaz at all and who those Doesn’t like to went temples .

They all are start praying.

Oh Lord! “Please pass me with great percentage”.

Literally ,I am telling you 😂

These words will be on the tongue of everyone who worked hard and even those who have not read anything throughout the year.

And some  students are like that 🤭

I am Only suggest you that please don’t get depress and don’t feel panic keep calm 😎 and let it be.

What will be the result But remember that your result never decide your success.

And the the first step of success is failure.

If you get great percentage than thanks to Lord.

And If get less so never be regret just keep calm and look forward because we cannot change our past but we can change our future.


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