The Feelings of pubg lover and hater



Trying to understand the feelings of pubg lover.

How they overcome the addiction of pubg.

What others are feel about Government decision.


Hey , friends as you all are aware from that pubg game got banned now in India.
Actually , pubg was one of the famous game for today’s younger generation.

I’m not here to give you the ‘gyaan’ on this game that it was good or bad etc etc ..

I just wanted to share the feelings of those peoples who play or addicted by this game.
What did they feel today?
What was their reason behind to start playing this game?
now what they did?
I’m trying my level best to give you the answer of above question.
So , let’s start
a) The feeling of peoples who play this game or addicted by this game:
If truth be told so yes, they feel very bad they are really disappoint with the decision of government.
Because the people who addicted by this game they don’t want to try to understand
The mentality of government behind this decision.
They’re just like ” there is no works rest for government ,that’s why government takes such type of fool decision to banned pubg tik tok etc”.
They feel like “yaar ye kya hogaya is lockdown me pubg hi ka to sahara tha “.

Actually , pubg player and lover are in shocked nowadays .
And looking for another game like pubg.

But , there are some people who are really so happy about the decision of government to ban pubg game.they are nothing but hater.😂
The people who didn’t like the pubg game at all , I think they are so happy today and also think that they are nothing but   all girls and family members.
You know why I thought that:
Just because all the boys valued pubg more than their girlfriends and family members.😅

And this is makes jealous to all girls and family member also.😂🤭
I am afraid that they will not start distributing sweets to everyone happily just saying that “yeah pubg got banned”.😂
Now,  we move to our next question
I think it’s quite difficult to answer this question, but I will try
So , first of all there are so many reasons behind to started playing pubg game:
I. There was some people who have started playing to pass their time I mean just for time pass😜
II. Some thinkers like that “ Yaar aesa kya hai is game me dekhu to zara”.😁
III. Some people may have started under pressure from their friends.👭
IV. There were some people who are bored with their lives so they started.
V. And some poor people was start just because someone has broken their heart 💔very badly.I mean ‘Dev Das’ type of people.😅
Now move to our last question.
What will those ( the pubg lover ) guys do now
According to me
I think 🤔either those people will forget the pubg game or looking for another game like pubg😆
for example: Free fire etc.
Now , I wanted to share some tips about ‘ How to overcome the addiction of pubg’.

a. Start spending time with family and friends.
I know that is locked down period
But you have the option of video chats and callings .
b. Want to pass your time so start searching some interesting websites.
c. Keep yourself busy, sometime help your mom and your family.


In ending Iwould just like to say

Dont be addicted by any thing.

And Dont move for wrong step in the addiction of some thing.

Play games as a game Dont let it to become your first priority .

Your first priority has to be your family and The  person who is really loves you and your Friends.


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