Valentine’s Waala love



As we all know it’s valentine week Right?

I wanted to ask you a question?

Did you know What is Love and What does the line “I love you”


Difficult question na 😅

According to me:

Love is nothing but the most precious and intense feeling of the world.

The feeling of affection, feeling of being  in attachment with something or someone.


But you know the interesting fact about this Emotion.

Love is one of the Emotion who’s defination keep goes on 

Changing according to relationships.

At this moment I am only talking about valentine Waala love.

So we are just talking about couples love only .

First of all ,

All of you have the different opinions on this topic for some people

This week is very precious and for some this is just a  normal week because their thinking is ‘love doesn’t need any specific week to show off’.

I am the person who is agree with both .

You know why because valentine week celebration realize us that we have to pay attention on our partner, we have to feel them proud and happy, we have to spends some quality time with them .

From our busy schedule we have to keep some time besides for our partner.

When we celebrating this week than only we understand the importance of our partner in our life.

And those people who take it as a normal week I am fully agree with those also.

Because , love is not a kind of that things which needs some occasions to celebrate it.

To make our partner feel happy and proud we doesn’t need any special occasion we just need respect and love in our heart .

We need just their hands in our hands, we need just togetherness with them.

But I am totally disappointed with today’s generation people’s you know what,  According to today’s generation love is just a time pass .

They never know the deep feeling about love they just wanted to be in relationship for time pass and wanted to be physical with their partners ,  For them Love is just a process of making Gf and Bf.

Well, let it be

It’s their opinions  towards Love.

But some cases which I have seen , some people are really know and has deep feeling of love for someone, but their partners doesn’t respect their feelings and broke their hearts .


How many type of people are there na!

That’s why I am saying the human itself a biggest Mystery on this earth.



As we know the word Love is not an acronym so it does not have any full form but according to our convenience we find out some full form.

Here I am sharing full forms according to all type of people who know the real love , who broke for some one and who think it is just a time pass.

L : long lasting           L : lots of happiness

O : original.                O : ornament of soul

V : valuable.              V : value of time

E : Emotion.              E : Embrace of affection


L : Lake of sorrow.        L : loss

O : Ocean of tears.       O : of

V : Valley of death        V : Valuable

E : End of life                  E : Energy


L : lost of money

O : Out of mind

V : Vaste of time

E : End of freedom.


Now  I wanted to tell just keep Loving each other and be happy together.

And ha

Happy valentine’s week  to All of you  .

Be a loyal person don’t be time pass type of guy.

Wait wait ……

it’s shayri time


Bohat aasan hota hai kisi ko apna kehdena

Haath thaam kar chalna phir chudha kar sorry kehdena


Agar yahi pyar hai to phir isse Bach kar hi rehna

Kyunki bohat taklif deta hai ye yaad kar kar ke bhulate rehna.







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